Sandrine THEVENET (Paris and Poitou-Charentes region),

Plastic artist, philosopher practitioner and consultant, she leads philosophical workshops as well as artistic creation workshops, mixing the practice of Art and philosophical questioning.

Her reflection is built around a pedagogical approach of practical philosophy, examining Art in its accomplishment and questioning the link between Art and Practical Philosophy.

She intervenes in schools, libraries, social centers and during seminars dedicated to the philosophy practice, in France and abroad. Her work is addressed to a public of all ages and without any particular condition of knowledge or competence.

Audrey GERS (Paris and subburb),

Audrey GERS is a French philosopher-practitioner and has been developing her practice for fifteen years with Oscar Brenifier and Isabelle Millon at the Institut de Pratiques Philosophiques, near Paris.

She is a member of a research group in Philosophy Practice, which promotes philosophy and facilitation of philosophical workshops in France and abroad.

She is part of an online training group and has traveled to different countries for international philosophical events.

She enjoys philosophizing with both adults and children. She sees the question as the heart of the dialogue, not as a malicious intent to make a pejorative judgment, but to shake people out of the torpor of habit. And she appreciates the participants’ words as a source of surprise and delight.

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